Employees State Insurance
Support in obtaining registration of an establishment / factory under the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.
› Facility of online Registration of the employees for the benefits under ESI Act.
› To Provide temporary Identity Card (TIC) after registration of employees by downloading and Printing of the same for the
use of employees & Insured persons.
› Support for getting the Permanent Identity Card (PIC) of the Insured persons from the ESI Branch offices.
› Compliance under Regulation 32 of ESI (General) Regulation 1950 in electronic form.
› Preparation of monthly Bank Challan required for deposit of monthly contribution under ESI Act.
› Compliance under Regulation 26 of ESI (General) Regulation 1950 in electronic form as per requirement of ESI Act.
› Preparation and finalization of Annual Return in Form No. 01-A and submission of the same as per the ESI Act.
› Support in drafting of the replies to the correspondence and keeping Liaison with ESI Department.

i.  Support in drafting of reply to the different notices such as C-18, Order under section 45-A, Appeal U/s 45-A, C-19,
CP-2, CP-23, CP-24 etc. received from the ESI Department.
ii. Provide support and guidance for compliance to the actions for notices such as D-18, Order under section 85(B), D-19
& Recovery of dues etc.
iii. Provide support in drafting the replies to the Show cause notice under section 84-85 of ESI Act.
iv. Provide professional expertise and guidance in any other notice/correspondence received under different provisions of
the ESI Act.
› Provide complete guidance with regard to any amendment/changes in ESI Act from time to time and its impact on the